Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (2024)

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Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (1)

New Stocking Study

What's the best bang for our buck when it comes to stocking?

The Iowa DNR recently conducted a study on advanced stage musky stocking to evaluate the poststocking behavior and survival of yearling muskies.

Here’s how they set-up the study . . .

They implanted radio telemetry devices into 25 yearling muskies which were greater than 14.75” in length and stocked them into two lakes (Spirit and Cornelia). These fish were released at the boat access on Cornelia and released offshore on Spirit. They then monitored the dispersal, movement, depth, vegetation use, proximity to shore, and survival of the yearlings.

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Here’s what they found . . .

The fish in both lakes dispersed rapidly after stocking. The survival rates in the two lakes were between 86.7-90%! This shows that yearling muskies are proving to be a suitable alternative for fisheries with a high mortality rate.

It’s looking like the large size of yearlings reduces predation from other fish predators while offshore stocking may reduce the risk of avian or other terrestrial predation.

One other interesting tidbit . . . these fish were stocked in June and showed a preference for offshore habitat, possibly because offshore submergent vegetation had more time to grow/develop and provide cover.

Check out thefull studyfor more deets.

Brian Truax Memorial Results

The Brian Truax Memorial Tournament happened last weekend and the field of 74 contestants registered 17 muskies.

While that may sound like a decent catch rate, a small group of people did most of the catchin’ with the top three contestants producing 12 of those 17 fish. Congrats to Tyler Schlabsz on the win! Tyler boated a 52”, 48”, 46”, and a 42” on Lake Bemidji.

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We reached out toMusky Insider Pro InstructorKevin Cochranto get the low down on the event. Kevin’s tournament partner Jody Marler boated a 47”, 42.5”, 42.5”, 39”, 36.5” at the event landing them in second place.

Kevin said“Most of the top teams were targeting suspending fish in the open water with tubes, beavers, and a variety of other rubbers baits.”

Alex McLean took home big fish honors with this 53.25” beast and from the looks of it he was sharing a boat with Schlabsz. That’s quite a performance! 🔥

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (4)

Check out thetournament resultsto see how the rest of the field stacked up.

Open Water Tips

Forward facing sonar has made it extremely easy (maybe too easy) for folks to locate and target muskies in the open water on smaller bodies of water. But, it’s a different ballgame on large acreage low density waters. It’s more about eliminating the “dead water” as quickly as you can.

Obviously, there’s a lot of debate right now about whether eliminating that “dead water” should be done with or without a line in the water and what kind of electronics you should use to do it.

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (5)

Regardless, it can feel pretty daunting on a big body of water. You still have to know where to start.

Here’s a few tips from MN guideJosh Borovskyon what to look for . . .

1. Hard/soft bottom transitions -“We can debate about why these areas are magnets for open water muskies. But, there’s no debating it’s a thing.”

2.“I use the AutoChart Live to build my own color coded bottom composition maps. Many of our muskies come from these edges clearly marked by the color changes on the map.”

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (6)

3.“Confined open water areas between or adjacent to midlake summer spots are also a safe bet to check.”

There’s a few quick tips to get you started. But, if you really want to take a deep dive on open water muskies, check out theCutting Edge Open Water Tacticsclass Luke Ronnestrand and Josh did together.

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 –Let’s kick this mashup off with a bachelor party gone right!

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (7)

What do you do when your bachelor party falls on the Canadian musky opener? You plan a musky fishing extravaganza of course!

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (8)

Normally, you might not want photo evidence of a bachelor party, butDaniel Litworaand his buddies couldn’t resist snappin’ a few pics of the ‘skies that came into the boat.

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (9)

Better still, this trip was capped off with Daniel putting a fiddy topside after it came unglued on the first turn of his 8. It doesn’t get any better than that!

#2-Markus Lukicmay live all the way over in Serbia, but he makes some of the coolest musky creations we've seen. Check out this 51 inch wooden musky replica he made for US resident Jake Jageman's collection.

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (10)

#3-Raise your hand if this little guy puts more into his 8’s than your fishing buddies. 🙋‍♂️

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (11)

That’s a younger, smaller version of Fischer Smith shared by father Jason on theMusky Fishing Tips and Tricks Facebook group.

Gotta love the way he gets his rod parallel with the surface of the water. That’s something a lot of musky sticks need work on these days. #LostArt

#4 –Open water muskies and tubes go together like bacon and eggs. Check out these cool colors from our friends atTaps and Tackle.

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–Muskies Grow Slower in Rivers than reservoirs (link)

–The Amazing Race Starts Now w/ 54 or Bust (video)

– Giant pike surpasses MN record (video)

–Northern Wisconsin Open Water Muskies w/ Todays Angler (video)

Fishing SLOP Weeds for Muskies w/ Musky Mastery (video)

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (13)Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (14)


Ashley Holmgren ofDevoted Outdoorsgot this tank slingin’ out in the basin.

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (15)

The first musky of the season inAustin William Sandström’sboat was this dragon headed beast.

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (16)

Check out this dinosaur 🦖 caught by@audetteandreeannwhile fishing withChrishtian Crete.

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (17)

The big ones bite at noon 🕛🤷‍♂️. . . or at least they do forTimmy Peterzen.

Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (18)

Wanna be featured in Musky Insider? Send in your recent trophy musky photos by replying to this email. You might just see your pic in next week's newsletter. 🤙

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Stocking Study - Open Water Tips - Bachelor Party 'Skies (2024)


How do you win an open water race? ›

Know what to sight on as you approach, know what the water depths are and where you need/want to stand up. As you're coming to the finish of the swim, pick up your kick to get a bit more blood to your legs (but don't overkick it and drive your heart rate up!) Control your energy level here too.

How to start cold water swimming in the UK? ›

Here are our top five tips for getting into cold water safely.
  1. Start slowly. Water temperatures in the UK in winter (November to April) can drop as low as one or two degrees centigrade. ...
  2. Have the Right Kit. ...
  3. Go with friends. ...
  4. Listen to your body. ...
  5. Swim your own swim.
Jan 11, 2023

How to start sea swimming? ›

  1. Get clued up about sea conditions.
  2. Dip with a friend or shore spotter.
  3. Bring a small thermometer.
  4. Protect your head, fingers and toes.
  5. Warm yourself up before getting in.
  6. Don't faff, just get in.
  7. Pack loose, warm layers and layers of clothing.
  8. Post‑swim hot drink and/or snack.
Nov 13, 2021

How to float in open water? ›

Keep your arms under the water and hands together close to your ears. Ensure your upper and lower body are aligned well: your arms, head, rib cage, hips, and legs should be on the same level. Keep your legs close to each other, and don't bend your knees while floating in the water because that will make you sink.

How to be a better open water swimmer? ›

9 Tips for Successful Open Water Swimming for Triathletes
  1. Get in the Water and PRACTICE! The more you can get in the open water, the better. ...
  2. Wear a Swim Cap. ...
  3. Don't Forget to Warm Up. ...
  4. Learn to Sight. ...
  5. Learn to Breathe on Both Sides. ...
  6. Find a Calming Mantra. ...
  7. Practice Start and Finish Skills. ...
  8. Be Strategic & Know the Course.
Jul 14, 2022

How to pace an open water swim? ›

A good basic approach is to add 10 seconds per 100 to estimate your open water pace. So, in the example above, if you're the swimmer taking 8:00 to swim a 500, you're looking at an open water pace of about 1:46 per 100.

What temperature can you swim without a wetsuit? ›

A Basic Water Temp and Open Water Swim Guide
TemperatureRecommended GearInitial Reaction
65ºF (18ºC)wetsuit, neoprene cap optional, ear plugs optionalPretty cold, but lets do this.
70ºF (21ºC)wetsuit optionalFeels colder than my gym pool, but not bad.
75ºF (24ºC)no wetsuit neededAbout the same temp as my gym pool.
2 more rows
Jun 22, 2018

How long can you stay in 5 degree water? ›

Generally, a person can survive in 41-degree F (5-degree C) water for 10, 15 or 20 minutes before the muscles get weak, you lose coordination and strength, which happens because the blood moves away from the extremities and toward the center, or core, of the body.

How do you prepare for a cold open water swim? ›

  1. Take cold showers.
  2. Choose the right clothing.
  3. Always warm up beforehand.
  4. Do a recce of your surroundings.
  5. Enter the water slowly.
  6. Don't push yourself too hard.
  7. Don't swim alone.
  8. Keep close to the shore.
Feb 7, 2021

How to train for the first open water swim? ›

In the open water, start off by taking 25 strokes easy and then 25 strokes fast. Practice this several times and then change it however you like. Work up to 25 easy, 25 fast, 25 easy, 50 fast, 25 easy, 75 fast, 25 easy, 100 fast.

What is the best swimming technique for beginners? ›

FREESTYLE, BREASTSTROKE, AND BACKSTROKE ARE THE BEST STROKES FOR BEGINNERS. IT WOULD HELP IF YOU STARTED WITH THE STROKES REQUIRING LESS EFFORT AND PHYSICAL FITNESS! Freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke are more effortless than butterfly. Therefore, you will learn the most difficult stroke last.

How to build tolerance to cold water? ›

How to Build Up Your Tolerance for Cold Water: Tips for Starting Ice Bathing
  1. Start Ice Bathing Slowly. ...
  2. Focus on Breathing. ...
  3. Stay Warm Before and After Ice Bathing. ...
  4. Get a Buddy. ...
  5. Use Music or Visualization Techniques While Ice Bathing. ...
  6. Stay Hydrated While Ice Bathing. ...
  7. Don't Overdo It.

How do you win a swimming race? ›

Crafting a Winning Warm-Up Routine at a Swim Meet

A strategic warm-up sets the tone for success, preparing your body and mind for the challenges ahead. Incorporating short bursts of each stroke enhances your feel for the water without inducing fatigue. I like doing 25s of each stroke.

How do you play water race? ›

Each team will need one full bucket/cup full of water, one empty bucket/cup and one sponge/spoon. Place the buckets/cups a few yards apart so each team has a “lane”. The first player on each team will dip their sponge or fill their spoon with water and race it to the empty bucket/cup.

How to get faster at ocean swimming? ›

To swim faster this ocean swimming season you'll want to include more sprints to your regular swim sessions. These sprints can be as long as 50m or as short as 15m and 25m. A good place to start is to sprint off the wall for a short distance and then relax to the end of the pool, repeating on the next length.

How do you kick in open water swimming? ›

The downbeat of your kick should only be chest deep; the upbeat should just break the surface of the water with your heels. Your kick should keep your legs high enough to give you a good body position, it should be low drag and low effort so it minimises energy.

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