Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (2024)

After a long weekend of counting, here’s your new Louth County Council line-up.

Despite taking hits elsewhere, Sinn Fein maintained their seven seats in Louth and are still the largest party.

There are also seven independents, thanks to Ciaran Fisher’s very impressive debut in the Dundalk Carlingford area.

Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are locked on six seats apiece, Labour lost one seat and Marianne Butler continues to fly the Green flag.

Ardee Jim Tenanty (Independent) Pearse McGeough (Sinn Féin) Paula Butterly (Fine Gael) John Sheridan (Fianna Fáil) Dolores Minogue (Fine Gael) Bernie Conlon (Independent)

Drogheda Urban Pio Smith (Labour Party) Joanna Byrne (Sinn Féin) Kevin Callan (Independent) James Byrne (Fianna Fáil) Paddy McQuillan (Independent) Ejiro O’Hare Stratton (Fine Gael)

Drogheda Rural Michelle Hall (Labour Party) Anne-Marie Ford (Fine Gael) Declan Power (Independent) Eric Donovan (Sinn Féin)

Dundalk-Carlingford Seán Kelly (Fianna Fáil) Antóin Watters (Sinn Féin) Fiona Mhic Conchoille (Sinn Féin) John Reilly (Fine Gael) Andrea McKevitt (Fianna Fáil) Ciarán Fisher (Independent)

Dundalk South Maeve Yore (Independent) Robert Nash (Fine Gael) Emma Coffey (Fianna Fáil) Kevin Meenan (Sinn Féin) Sionainn McCann (Sinn Féin) Shane McGuinness (Fianna Fáil) Marianne Butler (Green Party)


After counting into the very, very small hours the final result is in for Louth, with all 29 seats now filled.

The last two LEAs to be confirmed were Dundalk South and Drogheda Urban.

In Dundalk South, first-time candidate, Sionnan McCann, followed her party colleague, Kevin Meenan, over the finish line, thereby preserving Sinn Féin’s two seats in that district, following Tomas Sharkey’s retirement.

Another first-timer, Shane McGuinness made it two seats for Fianna Fáil, providing the Blackrock / Haggardstown area with a councillor, while Marianne Butler remains the only Green Party representative on the council after taking the final seat in Dundalk South.

Following sitting Labour councillor, Emma Cutlip’s, earlier elimination, the big question was who would take her seat. Sitting councillors Joanna Byrne (Sinn Fein), Kevin Callan (Independent), James Byrne (Fianna Fail) and Paddy McQuillan (Independent) all eventually followed poll-topper Pio Smith (Labour) over the finish line.

But it was Fine Gael’s Ejiro O’Hare Stratton who snatched the final seat, capping a good weekend for the party.

Full result to follow...

Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (1)


Kevin Meenan (SF) is re-elected in Dundalk South after count 9. Running mate Sionainn McCann is on the cusp of joining him

Ciaran Fisher, Andrea McKevitt and John Reily are all elected in Dundalk Carlingford as that LEA concludes.

Long serving councillor Conor Keelan loses his seat.


Emma Coffey (FF) has just being elected after count 8 in Dundalk South.

Aideen Smith (SF) has been eliminated.


Mixed fortunes for Sinn Fein within moments! After what seemed like an eternity, two more counts have been completed; Drogheda Urban & Dundalk Carlingford. Drogheda Urban saw Sinn Fein’s Laura Clinton excluded after Count 10, and party colleague Fiona Mhic Conchoille was elected for Dundalk Carlingford after receiving a remarkable 640 transfers from Kathleen Byrne, also in Count 10.


Newly elected Robert Nash commented "I was only co-opted last May so it is a wonderful achievement to be elected”.

"My great grandfather, James Coburn was a founding member of the party in 1933 so it is the genes.”


It’s been a long wait for Dundalk South to fill their second seat, but in the 7th Count, Fine Gael’s Robert Nash exceeded the quota by just two votes! This means his party colleague Linus English has been excluded.


Independent, JIm Tenanty has been re-elected in Ardee after count 9. The first candidate to be elected from the LEA.

Kitty Colbert (SF) has been eliminated.


Labour's outgoing councillor Pio Smith has been elected to Drogheda Urban after count 9. He is the first candidate elected in the LEA.


Sinn Fein’s Kathleen Byrne has just been eliminated in Dundalk Carlingford.

Her 932 votes will now be distributed and there are five remaining candidates with four seats available.

Crunch time. Five into four seats.

Quota is 1,459

Ciaran Fisher (Ind) 1331

Conor Keelan (FF) 1097

Andrea McKevitt (FF) 1212

Fiona Mhic Conchoille (SF) 979

John Reilly (FG) 1245


Sinn Fein’s Jimmy Myers have just been eliminated from Dundalk Carlingford on count 6.


Veteran politician Fintan Malone, who jumped ship from Fianna Fail a number of years ago to run as an Independent, has been eliminated from Ardee in the 8th Count.


Drogheda has lost its second outgoing councillor after the 8th Count in Drogheda Urban, an area which still has to call its first elected councillor. Cllr Tom Cunningham (SF) was also defeated by party colleague Eric Donovan. This is a loss for Labour after Cutlip was co-opted in March 2023 to fill the Casual Vacancy of the seat vacated by her Labour party colleague Fiachra Mac Raghnaill. He had also been co-opted in 2020 to replace previous Mayor of Drogheda Paul Bell.


Tracy O’Hanlon of the Irish Freedom Party has been eliminated in the latest count in Dundalk Carlingford.


Counts are coming thick and fast now in Dundalk but still no new elections!

In the 7th Count for Ardee, Niall McCreanor has been eliminated and Cathal Ó’Murchú is out of the running in the 5th Count in Dundalk South.


Former boxing champ Eric Donovan is no stranger to winning, so he is taking his election as a Sinn Fein councillor for Drogheda Rural in his stride. He beat outgoing councillor Tom Cunningham to the final seat in the four seater, in the ninth count. That is all four seats filled now with Labour’s Michelle Hall, Independent Declan Power, Fine Gael first-timer Anne Marie Ford and poll topper Michelle Hall of Labour.


After a lengthy lull in proceedings in County Hall, it’s hoped for a flurry of results, starting with Count 7 for Dundalk Carlingford. Still no further elections, but Labour’s candidate Jamie O’Hare has left the race.

The top contenders are still a long way off the quota to be elected for the four remaining seats.


The fourth count in Dundalk South saw Independent candidate Seun Grace Atiroko leave the contest, and still no announcement of the next councillor to be elected.


Two more votes in Drogheda Urban and Drogheda Rural in the next five minutes.

Independent Thomas Commins has just been eliminated in Ardee on count 6.

A quick recap, we have six seats filled of the 29 in Louth.

Michelle Hall, Anne Marie Ford and Declan Power in Drogheda Rural, Maeve Yore in Dundalk South and Sean Kelly and Antoin Watters in Dundalk Carlingford.

No one has been elected in Drogheda Urban or Ardee as yet, both of which are six-seaters.


Sinn Féin’s Sean O’Broinn has been eliminated from Dundalk Carlingford.


Independent candidate Declan Power is re-elected to Louth County Council on the 8th count in Drogheda Rural.


In the third count for Dundalk South, there is yet to be another councillor to join elected Maeve Yore, and People Before Profit’s James Hickey was eliminated.


There is still no councillor elected yet for Drogheda Urban, but Independent John Bannon has been excluded in the fifth count. Closest to the quota of 1,307 are Pio Smith, Kevin Callan, Joanna Byrne, James Byrne, Paddy McQuillan and Ejiro O’Hare Stratton.


Labour’s great hope of harnessing the immigrant and refugee vote in the Ardee area may not have paid off as Ukrainian Kate Karpenko has been eliminated in Count 5. No candidates have been reached the quota in Ardee to be elected.


The result of Drogheda Urban’s 4th count sees Green Party’s Michael Kennedy eliminated, but still no one reaching the quota for a win. The closest contenders for first elected are outgoing councillors Pio Smith, Kevin Callan and Joanna Byrne.


After the fourth count, a candidate has still to be elected in the Ardee LEA. Independent candidate Peter Farrell has been eliminated.


The Green Party’s candidate in Dundalk Carlingford, Gerard Crawley has been eliminated on the third count, leaving sitting Cllr Marianne Butler carrying the party’s hopes in Dundalk South.


There were cheers ringing across the count centre to herald the election of local school principal Anne Marie Ford. The first-time Fine Gael candidate was almost speechless at the announcement, using her first words as a Drogheda Rural councillor to thank her team and promise to work hard for her constituents on providing better care for children with additional needs.


In the second count in Dundalk South, which saw poll topper Maeve Yore’s surplus being distributed, no other candidate has reached the quota. although Fine Gael’s Robbie Nash is just 112 votes short. Independent Dilip Mahapatra has been eliminated and his votes are now being distributed.


Independent candidate Peter James Nugent has been eliminated in the third count of Drogheda Urban, with no candidates still meeting the quota of 1,307. John Morgan, (The Irish People) had already been eliminated in the previous count.


Frank Godfrey’s attempt at reigniting his local political career have received the first blow, bowing out of the Drogheda Rural race with 390 votes, after Green Anthony Murphy’s votes were redistributed. He is remaining positive; maybe not for Drogheda Urban, but for his promised return in five years time!


Sinn Fein’s Phyllis Murphy has been eliminated on the third count in Ardee while Independent candidate and former Mayor Frank Godfrey has been eliminated in Drogheda Rural.


In the third count, Cllr Antoin Watters (Sinn Fein) surplus has been distributed in Dundalk -Carlingford. Again no candidate has reached the quota and the Aontu candidate Liam Reichenberg has eliminated.

Dundalk Carlingford

Kathleen Byrne (SF) 639 (+18)

Gerard Crawley (Green Party) 310 (+4)

Ciarán Fisher (Ind) 750 (+8)

Conor Keelan (FF)* 906 (+7)

Yvonne Keenan (FG) 422 (+13)

Seán Kelly (FF)* Elected

Andrea McKevitt (FF)* 912 (+50)

Fiona Mhic Conchoille (SF) 606 (+86)

Seán Ó Broin (SF) 514 (+37)

Tracy O’Hanlon (Irish Freedom Party) 609 (+5)

Jamie O’Hare (Labour Party) 507 (+17)

Liam Reichenberg (Aontú) 245 (+5)

John Reilly (FG)* 876 (+14)

Antóin Watters (SF)* Elected


We’re seeing the lower performing candidate being eliminated and their votes being distribution but the number of votes they received is so low that it’s a torturous process.

Notably, Adam Devine of the Green party has been eliminated in Ardee as has his party colleague Anthony Murphy in Drogheda Rural.


The results are coming in quick and fast in Louth now (and the wi-fi is flicking on and off).

Ardee (6 seats)

Electorate 11,928

Total Poll 9951

Spoiled votes 227

Total valid poll 9,724

Quota 1,390

Seán Brown (Ind) 156

Paula Butterly (FG)* 1162

Kitty Colbert (SF) 568

Thomas Commins (Ind) 265

Bernie Conlon (Ind)* 810

Adam Devine (Green Party) 93 -eliminated

Peter Farrell (Ind) 223

Kate Karpenko (Labour Party) 276

Rachel Kerley (FG) 978

Fintan Malone (Ind) 535

Niall McCreanor (Soc Dem) 310

Pearse McGeough (SF)* 1,067

Dolores Minogue (FG)* 986

Phyllis Murphy (SF) 164

John Sheridan (FF)* 1,105

Jim Tenanty (Ind) 1,026

Results for Drogheda Urban

EA – Drogheda Urban

Electorate –19,729

Total Poll – 9,352

Spoiled invalid votes - 204

Total valid poll – 9,148

Quota – 1,307

Number of seats - 6

Drogheda Urban (6 seats)

John Bannon (Ind) 181

James Byrne (FF)* 883

Joanna Byrne (SF)* 940

Kevin Callan (Ind)* 1082

Laura Clinton (SF) 305

Emma Cutlip (Labour Party)* 278

Alan fa*gan (The Irish People) 170

Frank Godfrey (Ind) 338

Vincent Hynes (Ind) 67

Patrice Johnson (Irish Freedom Party) 301

Michael Kennedy (Green Party) 159

Debbie McCole Sinn Fein 434

Shona McManus (FG) 578

Paddy McQuillan (Ind)* 776

John Morgan (The Irish People) 83

Peter James Nugent (Ind) 148

Michael O’Dowd Aontú 407

Ejiro O’Hare Stratton (FG) 637

Pio Smith (Labour Party)* 1,195

Joanne Thompson (SF) 186

Dundalk South – Count One

Independent councillor Maeve Yore has been elected in Dundalk South, having topped the poll for a second time.

Electorate 25,691

Total Poll 12,324

Spoiled votes 225

Total Valid Poll 12,099

Quota 1,513

Dundalk South (7 seats)

Seun Grace Atiroko (Ind) 383

Marianne Butler (Green Party)* 790

Emma Coffey (FF)* 1,161

Linus English (FG) 628

James Hickey (PBPS) 344

Barry Kieran (Independent Ireland) 306

Dilip Mahapatra (Ind) 306

Sionainn McCann (SF) 712

Shane McGuinness (FF) 1,055

Kevin Meenan (SF)* 976

Jimmy Myers (SF) 634

Robert Nash (FG)*1,296

Cathal Ó Murchú (Irish Freedom Party) 560

Aideen Smith (SF) 596

Maeve Yore (Ind)* 2,150

* Sitting councillors

12.55pm – Drogheda Rural count four

Things are moving very slowly here in the Count Centre in Louth as the distribution of the votes of the lower polling candidates continues.

In the fourth count for the Drogheda Rural LEA, Mick Martin (Independent) has been eliminated and his votes are now being distributed. First-time candidate for Fine Gael Anne-Marie Ford is still waiting for the transfers to get her over the line.

Marian Argios (FG) -109 excluded

Tom Cunningham (SF)*- 668 (+9)

Eric Donovan (SF) 746 (+11)

Anne-Marie Ford (FG) 1,161 (+59)

Frank Godfrey (Ind) 348 (+7)

Michelle Hall (Labour Party)* Elected

Patrice Johnson (Irish Freedom Party) 390 (+3)

Mick Martin (Ind) 178 (+2)

Derek McElearney (The Irish People) excluded

Anthony Murphy (Green Party) 272 (+0

Declan Power (Ind)* 901 (+1)

Tomás Wilkinson (FF) 443 (+5)

12.23pm – Drogheda Rural count three

Quota – 1281

Marian Argios (FG) 109 (+1) – excluded

Tom Cunningham (SF)* 659 (+2)

Eric Donovan (SF) 735 (+3)

Anne-Marie Ford (FG) 1102 (+3)

Frank Godfrey (Ind) 341 (+4)

Michelle Hall (Labour Party)* 1426 (elected)

Patrice Johnson (Irish Freedom Party) 387 (+42)

Mick Martin (Ind) 176 (+6)

Anthony Murphy (Green Party) 267 (+1)

Declan Power (Ind)* 900 (+13)

Tomás Wilkinson (FF) 438 (+1)

12.20pm – Dundalk Carlingford count two

Quota – 1459

Kathleen Byrne (SF) 621 (+26)

Gerard Crawley (Green Party) 306 (+17)

Ciarán Fisher (Ind) 742 (+54)

Conor Keelan (FF)* 791 899 (+108)

Yvonne Keenan (FG) 409 (+7)

Seán Kelly (FF)* 1828 (Elected, surplus 369)

Andrea McKevitt (FF)* 862 (+41)

Fiona Mhic Conchoille (SF) 517 (+10)

Seán Ó Broin (SF) 477 (+29)

Tracy O’Hanlon (Irish Freedom Party) 694 (+20)

Jamie O’Hare (Labour Party) 487 (+14)

Liam Reichenberg (Aontú) 241 (+12)

John Reilly (FG)* 862 (+21)

Antóin Watters (SF)* 1723 (Elected, surplus 264)

12.16pm – Drogheda Rural count three

Marian Argios (FG) is eliminated in Drogheda Rural after the transfers of Derek McElearney (The Irish People) were factored in. Still, though, Michelle Hall (Labour) is the only candidate elected in the constituency. Anne-Marie Ford (FG) is the leading contender with 1102 votes, which is almost 200 short of the 1281 quota.

12.08pm – Dundalk Carlingford count two

Following the second count, factoring in 369 votes transferred from Seán Kelly (FF), the count moves on to Antóin Watters’ (SF) 264 vote surplus.

The quota is 1459 with Conor Keelan (FF), John Reilly (FG), Andrea McKevitt (FF) and Ciarán Fisher (Ind) currently polling best of the rest.

11.17am – Drogheda Rural count two

Marian Argios (FG) 108 (+3)

Tom Cunningham (SF)* 657 (+11)

Eric Donovan (SF) 732 (+11)

Anne-Marie Ford (FG) 1099 (+37)

Derek McElearney (The Irish People) 82 (+1) – excluded

Frank Godfrey (Ind) 337 (+12)

Michelle Hall (Labour Party)* 1426 (elected)

Patrice Johnson (Irish Freedom Party) 345 (+2)

Mick Martin (Ind) 170 (+3)

Anthony Murphy (Green Party) 226 (+27)

Declan Power (Ind)* 887 (+29)

Tomás Wilkinson (FF) 437 (+9)

11.07am – Drogheda Rural

After the distribution of Michelle Hall’s votes, no candidate has reached the 1,281 election quota. Anne-Marie Ford (FG) remains the closest to the required tally with 1,099 votes having received +37 from transfers.

Derek McElearney (The Irish People) has been excluded from the next round after receiving 82 votes in total.


Louth’s County Hall is filling up again ahead of counting re-commencing. The majority of remaining seats are expected to be filled today. Remember, just three elections were confirmed by the close of play earlier this morning.

7.00am – Day Two

A quick recap for you all after a bleary eyed sleep.

We have three councillors re-elected to Louth County Council, Labour’s Michelle Hall, Fianna Fáil’s Sean Kelly and Antoín Watters of Sinn Féin, all of whom were returned after surpassing their quotas in Drogheda Rural and the later two in Dundalk Carlingford.

Counting adjourned just before 1AM and will resume at 9AM in Louth County Hall, where we await the first counts, in Dundalk South, Ardee and Drogheda Urban.

Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (2)

Dundalk South has to elect the largest number of councillors, seven. Ardee is very tight among the leading six candidates for six seats and Drogheda Urban has the largest field with 20 candidates.

All that tell us, we are in for another long day.

To summarise the day and the tallies, Fine Gael are upbeat and could win a seat in Drogheda Urban, Fianna Fáil are like the curate’s egg, good in parts, with first-time candidate Shane McGuinness well-placed in Dundalk South along with Cllr Emma Coffey and Sean Kelly having topped the poll in Dundalk Carlingford, but they made little impression in Ardee and Drogheda remains difficult ground for them.

Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (3)

Drogheda is Labour’s heartland and they topped the poll with Michelle Hall and Pio Smith tallied well in Drogheda Urban. They are likely to increase their party share of the vote, thanks to a candidate each in Ardee and Dundalk Carlingford.

Sinn Féin’s ambitious candidate strategy didn’t work and while they may make wins in the north of the county, they may lose out in Ardee. Antoin Watters was always going to be a poll topper and would have fared better, but the party strategy of fielding four candidates, which might yet see a running mate join him across the line..

The Green Party might hold onto Marianne Butler’s seat in Dundalk South, but they made little impression elsewhere. Aontú didn’t figure.

Tracy O’Hanlon of the Irish Freedom Party polled very well in Dundalk Carlingford, while independent Ciaran Fisher also did well in that LEA.

No doubt there will be a surprise or two in store as the day progresses.

1.41am – Last post of a very, very long day

Fianna Fail’s Sean Kelly has been re-elected to Louth County Council following the first count in Dundalk Carlingford, with 1828 votes, exceeding the quota by 369. Sinn Féin’s Antóin Watters also exceeded the quota and his surplus will follow on the third count after a full count of Kelly’s votes for re-disbribution.

All counting now adjourned until 9am this morning.

LEA – Dundalk Carlingford

Electorate – 20039

Total Poll – 10389

Spoiled invalid votes - 180

Total valid poll – 10209

Quota – 1459

Number of seats - 6

Dundalk Carlingford (6 seats)

Kathleen Byrne (SF) - 595

Gerard Crawley (Green Party) - 289

Ciarán Fisher (Ind) - 688

Conor Keelan (FF)* - 791

Yvonne Keenan (FG) - 402

Seán Kelly (FF)* - 1828 (Elected, surplus 369)

Andrea McKevitt (FF)* - 821

Fiona Mhic Conchoille (SF) - 507

Seán Ó Broin (SF) - 448

Tracy O’Hanlon (Irish Freedom Party) - 588

Jamie O’Hare (Labour Party) - 473

Liam Reichenberg (Aontú) - 229

John Reilly (FG)* - 831

Antóin Watters (SF)* - 1723 (Elected)

12.05am – first count declaration in Drogheda Rural

At 11.40 p.m., Michelle Hall (Labour) was the first candidate elected to the incoming Louth County Council, having exceeded the quota.

The Drogheda Rural count has been suspended and will resume at 9am, starting with the distribution of her surplus of 145 votes.

Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (4)

LEA – Drogheda Rural – 1st count

Electorate – 14133; Total Poll – 6532; Spoiled invalid votes 122; Total valid poll – 6401; Quota – 1281; Number of seats - 4

  • Marian Argios (FG) 105
  • Tom Cunningham (SF)* 646
  • Eric Donovan (SF) 721
  • Anne-Marie Ford (FG) 1062
  • Frank Godfrey (Ind) 325
  • Michelle Hall (Labour Party)* 1426 (elected)
  • Patrice Johnson (Irish Freedom Party) 343
  • Mick Martin (Ind) 167
  • Derek McElearney (The Irish People) 81
  • Anthony Murphy (Green Party) 239
  • Declan Power (Ind)* 858
  • Tomás Wilkinson (FF) 428

*Denotes outgoing councillor

11.05 p.m. – All quiet here in Louth.

Seconds of hushed silence sweep the count centre before fading into another dull murmur of disappointment as the Returning Officer stays away from the microphone.

We are expecting a first count in Drogheda Rural anytime but we’ve been saying that since before 9pm.

The plan was to wrap up at 11pm but that deadline looks to be slipping by too.

9.25pm – No first vote In Louth as yet, doubtful ballots have been examined in Drogheda Rural which is the first to be announced.

Meanwhile wi-fi connection is down at the centre and everyone is scrambling to connect to personal hotspots were possible.

8.25 p.m. – Counting is continuing in County Hall where a first count is expected around 9pm, when most likely the results of the Drogheda Rural LEA, which had the smallest number of candidates, will be announced. There are no big surprises at this stage although the analysis has already got under way on whether Sinn Féin’s strategy of running so many candidates may have backfired. Fine Gael are pleased that their candidates have polled so well while Fianna Fail can take comfort in the fact that they have held their vote.

6.10 p.m. – Counting is now underway in Louth County Hall with the plan to declare a first count in all five LEAs this evening and to continue counting until 11pm approximately, before resuming in the morning.

So to recap the tally was completed earlier this afternoon

Dundalk Carlingford (6 seats): Sean Kelly 18% and Antoin Watters 17% are well ahead of the remaining candidates and the only candidates with double figure tally percentage.

Fianna Fáil won three seats here last time out and still have a chance of repeating that, while Sinn Féin’s strategy of running four candidates might prove costly. Tracy O’Hanlon of the Irish Freedom Party polled 5.7%, 582 votes and that will have done Sinn Féin damage as she polled well in the centre of town.

Antoin Watters, will have gotten votes from non-traditional Sinn Féin supporters so his transfers may scatter wider than his running mates.

Fine Gael, hadn’t a Dundalk town based candidate this time out and lost 10% of their 2019 vote when Senator John McGahon was elected. However they are pleased to have Cllr John Reilly, who was co-opted poll so well.

First time candidate Ciaran Fisher polled well on 6.7% and the independent candidate could be the mix for a seat.

The final tally for Dundalk Carlingford leaves Antoin Watters (SF) neck and neck with Sean Kelly (FF) followed by Andrea McKevitt (FF), John Reilly (FG), Conor Keelan (FF) and Ciaran Fisher (Ind).

Dundalk South (7 seats): Maeve Yore (Ind) looks like she will top the poll in consecutive elections, with over 2,000 votes or 17.8% according to the tally.

Fine Gael will be delighted that their co-opted councillor Robert Nash polled to well at 10.7%, while Fianna Fáíl newcomer Shane McGuinness 8.9% looks like he may return a Blackrock village councillor to the new council.

Sinn Féin were aggressive here with another four candidate strategy and while they may be disappointed it should bring home a second candidate along with Kevin Meenan on 8.1%, the other three on 5.9%, 5.3% and 4.8%.

Fianna Fáíl Clllr Emma Coffey polled 9.4% and Cllr Marianne Butler on 6.5% should benefit from transfers.

The seven who occupy the top seven in order Cllr. Maeve Yore (Ind), Cllr. Robbie Nash (FG), Shane McGuinness (FF), Cllr. Emma Coffey (FF), Cllr. Kevin Meenan (SF), Sionnan McCann (SF) and Cllr. Marianne Butler (FG).

Drogheda Urban (6 seats): Incumbent councillors did well in Drogheda Urban and five may return and they are led by Pio Smith (Lab) on 13.2% and range down to Paddy McQuillan on 8.3%.

Only co-opted councillor Emma Cutlip looks likely to lose her seat as she is on 3%.

The final seat looks likely to be a Fine Gael gain, with either Ejrio O’Hare Stratton (FG) on 6.9% or Shona McManus on 6.3% poised to take a gain for the party.

In order of tallies, Cllr. Pio Smith (Lab), Cllr. Kevin Callan (Ind) , Cllr. Joanna Byrne (SF), Cllr. James Byrne (FF), Cllr. Paddy McQuillan (Ind), Cllr. Ejrio O’Hare Stratton (FG).

Drogheda Rural (4 seats): Outgoing Cllr Michelle Hall (Lab) had the highest percentage tally in Louth at 22%.

Fine Gael newcomer, AnnMarie Ford performed really strongly on 16.7%, with former running mate, Marian Agrios having dropped out amid controversy.

Cllr Declan Power who was co-opted following the 2019 election in place of Cllr Kevin Callan who won a seat in both Drogheda Urban and Drogheda Rural looks certain to retain his seat on 13.4%

Sinn Féin split their vote well between established Councillor Tom Cunningham 10.2% and newcomer Eric Donovan. 11.2%, is that enough to get both get elected?

Cllr. Michelle Hall (Lab), AnnMarie Ford (FG), Cllr. Declan Power (Ind), Eric Donovan (SF), Cllr. Tom Cunningham (SF)

Ardee (4 seats): Very tightly packed field after the tally with six candidates spread between 9.6% and 12.% with six to be elected.

Cllr Bernie Conlon (Ind) has 8.3% in the tally and with a number of Ardee candidates below her which should favour Tenanty, Minogue and Kerley, she may struggle to break into the top six placings.

In order they are Cllr. Paula Butterly (FG), Cllr. John Sheridan (FF), Cllr. Pearse McGeough (SF), Cllr. Jim Tenanty (Ind), Cllr. Dolores Minogue (FG), Cllr. Rachel Kerley (FG).

Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (5)

3 p.m. - The final tally for Dundalk Carlingford is just in and sees Antoin Watters (SF) neck and neck with Sean Kelly (FF) followed by Andrea McKevitt (FF), John Reilly (FG), Conor Keelan (FF) and Ciaran Fisher (Ind).

The Dundalk South (7 seats) tally is still to be formally finished, but the following seven occupy the top seven spots: Maeve Yore (Ind), Robbie Nash (FG), Shane McGuinness (FF), Emma Coffey (FF), Kevin Meenan (SF), Sionnan McCann (SF) and Marianne Butler (FG).

The tally for Drogheda Urban (6 seats) is not finalised but, as it stands, sees Pio Smith (Lab) ahead followed by Kevin Callan (Ind), Joanna Byrne (SF), James Byrne (FF), Paddy McQuillan (Ind), Ejrio O’Hare Stratton (FG)

Likewise, the tally for Drogheda Rural (4 seats) is continuing but, as it currently stands, Michelle Hall (Lab) is ahead of AnnMarie Ford (FG), Declan Power (Ind), Eric Donovan (SF) and Tom Cunningham (SF).

The Ardee (6 seats) tally is also not finalised but at the minute, the order is Paula Butterly (FG), John Sheridan (FF), Pearse McGeough (SF), Jim Tenanty (Ind), Dolores Minogue (FG), Rachel Kerley (FG).

10.46 a.m. - Sitting councillors Jim Tenanty (ind) and Dolores Mingoue (FG) are polling well in Ardee with 12 of the 36 boxes open. Tenanty is on 18% with Minogue 15.7%.

The boxes are mainly Ardee town with former Fianna Fail councillor, Fintan Malone now running as an independent on 10.6%.

Dunleer based, Bernadette Conlon (Ind) is also doing fairly well on 10.77%.

Outgoing councillors John Sheridan (SF) and Pearse McGeough (SF) are both on 5%.

10.44 a.m. – 15 of 38 boxes in Dundalk Carlingford are now tallied and it is Antoin Watters (SF) leading the way on 17.45%.

The outgoing councillor was expected to top the poll and is looking like he will deliver.

Fianna Fail took three of the six seats last time out in 2019 and Sean Kelly is their leading man to date this morning on 12.81%, with Andrea McKevitt on 9.8%.

Fine Gael’s John Reilly, who was co-opted in place of Senator John McGahon, is on 11%.

Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (6)

10.40 a.m. – We are approaching 60% of the boxes open in Drogheda Rural.

There are encouraging signs for Sinn Fein’s two candidates. Cllr Tom Cunningham has 11.5% and 436 votes, while running mate Eric Donovan is on 9.815 or 370 votes.

Labour’s outgoing Cllr Michelle Hall however is leading the way on 22.4%.

Fine Gael’s Anne Marie Ford has polled well in her first outing and is on 17.24%.

Outgoing independent Cllr. Declan Power is on 13% and Fianna Fail’s Tomás Wilkinson is on 5.9%.

Finally, Fine Gael’s Marian Agrios who withdrew from the campaign over 10 days ago following revelations over payments from developers in relation to planning matters is tallying at just 1.5%.

9.55 a.m. – Tally well underway in Louth with the first estimate expected shortly. There is a big crowd in Colaiste Chú Chulainn in Dundalk with a huge team of volunteers looking after the tally.

A quick recap there are 29 council seats to fill and 77 candidates in total.

9 a.m. – Work is just underway at Colaiste Chú Chulainn where the ballot boxes for the Local and European elections are being opened and separated.

There is tally team in place from across the political parties and we are hopeful of getting an accurate tally for the Local Elections as the boxes are opened.

The European Election ballot papers will be validated before they are transported to the count centre in Castlebar, County Mayo.

The Local Election ballot papers however will be counted in County Hall for all five local electoral areas and counting is expected to start late this afternoon.

The process here in Colaiste Chu Chulainn will be methodical and deliberate to ensure accurracy and one reason for long morning ahead is the physical size of the large ballot papers, which anyone who voted yesterday will have seen for themselves first hand.

Local Elections 2024 Louth: Final results are in following late-night count (2024)
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