Why is My Pura Blinking Red and Green? Reasons + Fix (2024)

If you own a Pura diffuser, you may encounter an issue where the LED lights start randomly blinking red and green. This blinking light pattern often indicates a connectivity problem or malfunction that requires troubleshooting.

Don’t worry if your Pura diffuser is flashing red and green – this guide will walk you through potential causes and solutions to get your unit working properly again.

Why is My Pura Blinking Red and Green? Reasons + Fix (1)

We’ll explore the meaning behind the blinking light codes, resetting procedures, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, app notifications, and tips for contacting Pura customer service.

Follow along as we break down the key things you need to know about resolving a Pura diffuser that is blinking red and green.

Understanding The Issue: Why is My Pura Blinking Red and Green?

When a Pura diffuser exhibits blinking red and green lights, it’s crucial to understand the meaning behind this indicator and what may be causing the behavior.

What does it mean when the Pura diffuser blinks red and green?

  • When the Pura diffuser alternates flashing red and green lights, it generally signals a specific connectivity issue or malfunction that needs troubleshooting
  • The light pattern acts as an error code, indicating a problem with the device itself or its ability to connect to the internet/app
  • Diagnosing the root cause is key to resolving the blinking light problem efficiently

Common Causes for the Blinking Lights:

Several factors could make a Pura diffuser blink red and green. Below are the top reasons and issues to check:

  • Weak Wi-Fi connection– If Wi-Fi is unstable where the diffuser is located, it can cause connectivity issues and blinking lights
  • Network problems– General internet/router malfunctions can affect connectivity with the Pura diffuser
  • Low fragrance fluid– The diffuser may blink to indicate fragrance cartridges are empty or near empty
  • Device malfunction– Hardware issues, electrical shorts, blown fuses, or memory errors could trigger blinking
  • Power problems– Issues with outlets, cables, power banks, or loose connections can cause intermittent power

Carefully inspecting all of these potential factors will aid in troubleshooting.

Resetting The Pura Diffuser:

If your Pura diffuser keeps blinking red and green, performing a factory reset on the device itself is recommended. Resetting often resolves software glitches, connectivity problems, and other errors.

How Do I Factory Reset My Pura Diffuser to Stop Blinking Red and Green Lights?

Resetting your Pura diffuser clears out any glitches or connectivity issues it may be experiencing. Performing a factory reset returns the device to default settings. Follow this simple step-by-step process:

  • Step 1: Unplug Your Pura Diffuser

Disconnect your Pura diffuser from the power source completely. Unplug the cable from both the electrical outlet and the diffuser base.

  • Step 2: Locate The Reset Button

Examine the base of your diffuser closely to find the reset button. This small round button is typically located on the front, bottom, or back. Refer to your user manual if needed.

  • Step 3: Press And Hold The Reset Button

Once located, press and firmly hold the reset button for a full 15-20 seconds before releasing. This will initiate the factory reset mode.

  • Step 4: Wait For Lights To Stop Blinking

The diffuser lights will start flashing red, green, and possibly other colors to indicate reset mode is in progress. Keep holding the button until the lights stop blinking for a few seconds.

  • Step 5: Plug Diffuser Back In

Reconnect the power cable to the electrical outlet FIRST, then reconnect to your Pura diffuser. This sequence is important to complete the reset.

  • Step 6: Reconfigure Your Diffuser

Use the Pura mobile app to set up Wi-Fi connectivity from scratch. Follow on-screen prompts to fully reconfigure your freshly factory reset diffuser.

How to locate the reset button on the device?

  • The reset button is typically found on thefront, bottom, or backof the diffuser base
  • It appears as a small round button labeled “Reset”
  • Make sure the reservoir/tank isremovedto access reset buttons located internally
  • Refer to the Pura diffuser manual for model-specific reset button diagrams

Resetting often resolves blinking light problems. But if issues remain, further troubleshooting is recommended.

Troubleshooting Tips For Pura Diffuser Connectivity Issues:

Since many blinking light problems stem from Wi-Fi/app connectivity issues, it’s important to troubleshoot those areas specifically:

Troubleshooting steps to fix the Pura diffuser not connecting to WiFi

  • Ensure the Wi-Fi router works properly for other devices
  • Try moving the Pura diffuser closer to the router
  • Reset the diffuserto factory settings
  • Check for Pura app and firmware updates
  • Restart your phone/tablet

Common Connectivity Problems and Solutions:

  • Weak signal: Relocate the diffuser closer to the router or install a Wi-Fi range extender
  • Network congestion: Switch wireless channels on the router or use the 5GHz band
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi password: Redo network setup in the Pura app with the proper password
  • Signal interference: Keep the diffuser away from electronics/appliances causing interference
  • Outdated app: Install the latest Pura app updates for the best connectivity

For lingering Wi-Fi problems, contact Pura customer support.

Pura Diffuser Scents And Status Notifications

The Pura aromatherapy diffuser relies on fragrance cartridges to infuse rooms with pleasant scents. Here’s how the Pura app alerts you about fragrance status:

How the Pura app notifies you when fragrance vials are running low or empty

  • The app sends a push notification when the fragrance level is low.
  • The second alert goes out when the cartridge is fully empty.
  • The diffuser’s LED lights can also blink red/green to indicate an empty cartridge.
  • App alerts ensure you order replacements before running out.

Staying on top of fragrance levels means your Pura diffuser won’t stop emitting scents unexpectedly. Monitor notifications to keep favorite scents continuously flowing.

Other Possible Solutions For Pura Diffuser Blinking Red And Green Lights

For Pura diffusers persistently blinking red and green, additional troubleshooting tips to try include:

  • Inspect electrical connections for loose plugs or cables
  • Try different outlets in case power flow is disrupted
  • Carefully check all fragrance vials – replace if empty
  • Update Pura device firmware/app in case bugs are causing issues
  • As a last resort, perform a full factory reset again

Making sure power connections are secure, fluids are filled, and firmware is updated can clear up tricky device Issues.

Contacting Pura Customer Care for Further Assistance

If you’ve worked through all troubleshooting suggestions and your Pura diffuser keeps blinking red/green, it’s time to enlist Pura customer support:

  • Online form – Visit the Pura company website and submit a customer service request form.
  • Email – Email the Pura customer care team directly explaining the problem.
  • Phone – Call the Pura diffuser support line during operating hours.

Pura reps can diagnose problems in more detail, facilitate repairs/replacements, and offer additional troubleshooting tips. Provide details like model numbers, purchase dates, and video of blinking light patterns.

FAQs on Why is My Pura Blinking Red and Green?:

  • Why isn’t my Pura connecting to Wi-Fi?

Reset the device and ensure the Wi-Fi network works for other products. If problems continue, contact Pura support.

  • How do you reset a Pura diffuser?

Locate the small reset button on the base, press and hold for 10+ seconds until the lights reset.

  • How do I know when my Pura diffuser is empty?

The Pura app sends notifications when fragrance levels are low or vials run empty. The diffuser can also blink red and green lights.

  • When should I change my Pura diffuser?

If factory resets and troubleshooting steps don’t resolve blinking red/green lights or other problems, it likely requires replacement.

  • Why does my Pura keep flashing green?

A solid or blinking green light typically indicates power and startup. If it persists, perform reset steps and check electrical connections.

  • My Pura diffuser light turned red – what does it mean?

A red blinking light often signals an internal error. Perform reset procedures, re-establish Wi-Fi connectivity, and contact support as needed.

  • Can I use tap water in my Pura diffuser?

No, only use clean filtered water. Tap water mineral deposits can clog the device over time.

  • What does the blue light on my Pura mean?

A blinking blue light means the diffuser is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and communicating with Pura servers.

  • Why does my Pura have no lights at all?

If the unit doesn’t light up, it likely has a power issue. Check connections and outlet functions. Contact support if needed.

  • How do I add water to the Pura reservoir?

Carefully pour room-temperature clean water into the tank, leaving space at the top. Then replace the cover before powering on.

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When your Pura diffuser starts blinking red and green, don’t panic – in most cases, the issue can be quickly identified and resolved.

Start by resetting the device and checking Wi-Fi connectivity. Ensure power connections are secure, fluid levels are adequate, and firmware is updated.

If problems continue after troubleshooting, document the blinking light pattern and reach out to Pura customer support for replacement or repair.

With some diligent diagnostics, you’ll be enjoying soothing scents from your Pura aromatherapy diffuser once again.

Why is My Pura Blinking Red and Green? Reasons + Fix (2024)
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