Pura Blinking Red And Green Lights - Troubleshooting Guide (2024)

Seeing your Pura aromatherapy diffuser suddenly blink red and green can be confusing and concerning. But don’t worry – this pattern of flashing indicator lights is quite common and signals standard connectivity or functionality issues that are typically easy to remedy yourself.

The blinking light combo acts as an error code, alerting you that your diffuser requires some quick troubleshooting before it can run smoothly again. By deciphering these visual cues, you can get right to the root of the problem for a fast fix.

Common triggers for red and green blinking include weak Wi-Fi signals, problems with your router or home network, depleted fragrance vials needing a swap, electrical shorts, physical damage, and other technical glitches.

In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, we’ll explore the range of reasons your Pura might be exhibiting this blinking pattern. We’ll also provide easy step-by-step solutions to try at home first, resetting tips to restore factory settings, electrical component checks, wisdom from other Pura owners, when to contact customer service and much more.

With just a few handy fixes, you can stop your Pura diffuser from blinking red and green and have it fragrancing your space with lovely scents once more in no time. So read on to become a blinking light diagnosis expert!

Pura Blinking Red And Green Lights

Pura Blinking Red And Green Lights - Troubleshooting Guide (1)

Having a Pura diffuser blinking red and green can be frustrating. However, it’s a common issue that is often simple to fix with a few basic troubleshooting steps. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know to stop the blinking light problem and get your aromatherapy diffuser working optimally again.

Reasons Behind Blinking Pura Diffuser in Red and Green Lights:

Seeing those frustrating red and green indicator lights blinking on your Pura can leave you wondering – what does this light pattern mean? And what’s causing the issue in the first place?

Understanding the potential triggers behind this common blinking behavior is key to getting your aromatic diffuser back to filling your rooms with lovely scents quickly.

Four main culprits could be the root of blinking red/green lights, which we’ll explore in detail:

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Since Pura diffusers utilize wifi to connect to devices via the Pura app, wireless connectivity issues are a common reason for blinking. Several types of wifi-related problems can disrupt communication:

  • Weak Router Signal

If the network signal from your wireless router to the diffuser is unstable, it can cause connectivity issues that trigger blinking. Thick walls, long distances, interference from other devices, or an old router can all degrade signal strength.

  • Network Congestion

If you have lots of devices hooked up to your home Wi-Fi network, they can create congestion that disrupts connectivity. Networks overloaded with high bandwidth video streaming, gaming, downloads etc. can cause bottlenecks.

  • Incorrect Password

Something as simple as an inaccurate wifi password when setting up the Pura can lead to flashing lights. Double-check credentials if lights return after a factory reset.

  • General Wireless Interference

Nearby electronics and appliances emitting electromagnetic interference can degrade wireless signals. This includes microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth gadgets and more. Keep your Pura diffuser far from these potential sources of connectivity issues.

Problems With Your Router, Modem, or Internet Service

Problems with your core network equipment provided by your Internet Service Provider can also trigger blinking:

  • Faulty Router Equipment

If the hardware such as antennas or processors within routers malfunction, wifi distribution gets spotty. Some common issues are overheating, electrical shorts, or physical damage.

  • Power Outages

Any temporary power loss will reset network equipment. When turned back on, establishing fresh wifi connectivity takes time, sometimes causing blinking lights.

  • Firmware Bugs

Problematic router firmware can prevent successful pairing between the Pura and the Wi-Fi network. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest firmware update files.

  • ISP Network Disruptions

General connectivity problems like regional outages or equipment issues from your Internet Service Provider can also temporarily knock out home wifi networks.

Empty or Low Fragrance Vials

Another very common reason for red/green blinking light patterns is when the fragrance vial supply is empty or depleted. The indicator combo acts as a handy visual cue that it’s time to promptly replace depleted essential oil vials so diffusing can resume.

The ultrasonic vibration plate requires enough fragrant liquid contact to effectively vaporize and diffuse oils into the air. Running on empty can cause issues. Thankfully, the Pura aromatherapy app also sends handy push notifications straight to your phone when supply is low as a reminder to re-order replacements.

Damaged Physical Components

Finally, if any internal physical pieces sustain damage from drops, leaks, or normal wear/tear over time, resulting electrical issues can also be the culprit behind blinking:

  • Faulty Wiring

Frayed power cables, damaged USB ports not providing steady power flow, or loose light bulb connections could blink when turning on the device.

  • Leaking Tanks or Cracks

Cracks in essential oil tanks allowing leaks, water damage, or broken ultrasonic plate components can also cause electrical malfunctions.

  • Blocked Air Vents

Hot diffusers need functioning side ventilation grilles to prevent overheating. Blocked vents can lead to temperature-related shutdowns.

Understanding the range of issues, from wifi problems to fragrance vial levels to electrical shorts, provides helpful clues on how to return your Pura diffuser to smoothly emitting lovely scented relaxation once more.

How to Fix Pura Blinking Red And Green [Step by Step]

Try these step-by-step troubleshooting tips:

1. Reset the Device

Start by performing a factory reset:

  • Unplug the diffuser completely
  • Locate the tiny reset button underneath the removable lid
  • Press and hold for 10-15 seconds until the lights confirm the reset
  • Plug back in and test

Resetting puts the device back to its original default settings, which often resolves connectivity issues causing blinking.

2. Check Wi-Fi Connection

If blinking continues after a reset, Wi-Fi problems might be the culprit:

  • Verify Wi-Fi works on other devices (reboot router if needed)
  • Move the diffuser closer to your wireless router temporarily
  • Check Pura’s website for firmware updates to install
  • Restart the phone/tablet and retry connecting

This helps rule out a weak router signal or device-specific connectivity bugs.

3. Inspect Scent Vials

The indicator lights may remind you it’s time to swap out empty vials:

  • Use Pura’s mobile app notifications to monitor supply levels
  • Replace depleted fragrance vials triggering the blinking
  • Keep extras on hand for easy swapping

4. Inspect Electrical Components

For hardware issues like electrical shorts, contact Pura Support about warranty replacement options. Signs include:

  • No power light when plugged in
  • Strange noises from the diffuser
  • Visible damage to vials, cables, etc

5. Contact Customer Service

If blinking persists despite troubleshooting, reach out to Pura’s support team for one-on-one guidance. Provide details like when the issue began, troubleshooting already attempted, warranty status, etc.

Tips to Use Pura Diffuser for Long Term without Issues

Here are some handy ways to prevent blinking lights and other problems in the future:

  • Keep the diffuser away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight
  • Only use official Pura fragrance vials
  • Set app refill reminders so you never run empty
  • Check for firmware updates monthly
  • Clean the exterior regularly with a dry cloth only
  • Avoid using outlets with overloaded circuits
  • Position away from electronics causing Wi-Fi interference

Following best practices helps your Pura aromatherapy diffuser run optimally for years.

FAQs onPura Blinking Red And Green Lights:

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about troubleshooting Pura diffusers:

Why does my Pura keep blinking red and green?

The red/green blinking typically signals connectivity issues, empty fragrance vials, electrical malfunctions or other problems requiring attention before the diffuser will operate properly.

Why won’t my Pura diffuser connect to Wi-Fi?

Reset to factory settings. Relocate closer to router, check for firmware updates, restart phone/tablet app, and contact support if Wi-Fi issues continue.

How do I reset my Pura diffuser?

Press and hold the small reset button on front under the lid for 10+ seconds with the device unplugged from power.

Why does my Pura blink green?

Solid green indicates the diffuser is powered on and ready for normal function. If it persists, replace fragrance vials, reset device, or contact support.

Should I add water to my Pura?

No, the Pura uses fragrance vials only. Adding water or oils can potentially damage the diffuser.

When should I replace my Pura diffuser?

If it persistently blinks despite troubleshooting, contact support about replacement options under warranty or for fees outside coverage timeframes.

Why does my Pura keep blinking after I reset it?

Try holding reset for 30+ seconds to factory reset. Inspect power and Wi-Fi connections. If blinking continues, contact Pura support.

What does the Pura app do?

The app monitors fragrance levels, controls diffuser settings, and sends handy notifications so you’ll know when it’s time to replace empty vials.

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With a few simple troubleshooting steps, you can typically resolve a Pura aromatherapy diffuser blinking red and green lights.

Start by resetting the device and checking fragrance levels or Wi-Fi connectivity. Contact Pura customer support for personalized assistance if issues continue despite basic fixes.

With the helpful tips in this guide, you’ll soon be relaxing and enjoying your favorite diffused essential oil scents once more.

Pura Blinking Red And Green Lights - Troubleshooting Guide (2024)
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