Popular Massage Spas And Parlors In Nairobi - Hauzisha (2024)

Anyone with a busy work schedule appreciates a good massage every once in a while. Spas and parlors are a great place to buy gift cards when you want to reward your friends during special occasions. However, finding the perfect one can take some time and leave you with bad experiences. Instead of trying them out on your own, here are some top-rated spas in Nairobi with client reviews. Check them out and make an appointment for your next spa visit.

1. Health Land Spa and Massage Kenya

Sitting in its own large compound, this parlor is dedicated to providing the best spa services to all clients. They are best known for their hot stone massage that relaxes the entire body and restores its balance. They provide both individual and couple spa treatments, in case you would like to take someone along. Additionally, they have a jacuzzi and a steam bath to clear your skin, plus manicures and pedicures.

Location: Kabarnet Road Off Ngong Road

Working Hours: 8 am to 8 pm Daily. Open from 10 am on Sundays

Google Rating: 4.8 stars, (189 reviews)

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2. Kempinski The Spa, Nairobi

Inside one of Kenya’s finest hotels is Kempinski The Spa. It is made up of nine exclusive treatment rooms, each with expert staff, trained to provide the best spa services possible. They have a steam room and a jacuzzi for when you want to get a refreshing skin treatment. The hotel also has an outdoor heated pool, a fitness center, and a bar.

Location: Chiromo Road, Nairobi

Working Hours: 9am to 8pm daily

Google Rating: 4.7 stars, (179 reviews)

3. Illusions Spa Azure PrideInn Centre

The experts at Illusions Spa employ a holistic approach to their spa and massage services. Catering for both one’s spiritual and physical wellbeing, they seek to restore your body to its normal equilibrium. They offer great manicures and pedicures at competitive prices. Clients always feel rejuvenated and they also enjoy great service and prompt communication from the members of staff.

Location: Lantana Road, Nairobi

Working Hours: 8 am to 10 pm daily. Opens at 10 am on Sundays

Google Rating: 4.7 stars, (21 reviews)

4. Bustani Day Spa

Bustani Spa is located in Gigiri along Limuru Road, away from the noise and upheaval of the city. It is a tranquil getaway that offers guests a relaxing experience. They offer treatments using plants, herbs, and flowers, fostering the natural healing of your body. Their services include hairdressing, spa treatments, and other beauty procedures.

Location: House 50, Gigiri Court on UN Crescent Road off UN Avenue Nairobi KE

Working Hours: 9 am to 8 pm Daily. Closes at 6 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, and at 3 pm on Sundays

Google Rating: 4.7 stars, (7 reviews)

5. Entim Sidai Wellness Sanctuary

Entim Sidai is located in a beautiful, quiet, green environment. In addition to beauty and spa treatments, it offers rooms for booking at competitive rates. Within the wellness center, you can wind down and relax while your body restores itself to good health. The venue is wheelchair accessible, with free parking spaces and a place to eat. It is also very secure, with great management and professionally trained staff.

Location: Rura Drive, Off Tree Lane

Google Rating: 4.6 stars, (470 reviews)

6. Beauty Quest Spa

This spa has been in operation for a long time, having been started in 1983. Their services include the use of Italian laser technology for body treatments. They continue to innovate and upgrade their services over the years, allowing them to provide cutting edge services for their customers. The spa has beautiful and relaxing interiors and breathtaking decor. They also offer aromatherapy massages that have been positively reviewed by previous clients.

Location: Sarit Centre 2nd Floor, Westlands

Working Hours: 9am to 7pm daily, closes at 4pm on Sundays

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (51 reviews)

7. Revitalise Wellness Center at Radisson Blu

If you like to relax while getting your manicures and pedicures, Revitalise is the perfect spa. Clients enjoy a beautiful garden view while getting their nails done by professionals. The spa also sells beauty products that can be delivered to your workplace or home at your convenience. The management team and other staff members are very friendly, making their customers feel right at home.

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Upper Hill Elgon Road

Working Hours: Temporarily closed

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (14 reviews)

8. Euphoria Fish Spa

Euphoria Fish Spa uses modern solutions to human body treatments to make clients feel as good as new. They are most famously known for their fish pedicures where they use certain breeds of fish to clear one’s feet of dead skin cells. They also offer manicures and massages as part of their range of spa treatments. The establishment has a great ambience, and although their prices are relatively high, their innovative methods are worth every coin.

Location: James Gichuru Road

Working Hours: 8 am to 8 pm daily.

Google Rating: 4.1 stars, (18 reviews)

9. Revitalise Wellness Center at Ibis Styles Hotel

This wellness center seeks to give clients a holistic spa experience. Their facilities include treatment rooms, as well as gym fitness. They also have a focus on skin health, and stock a variety of organic skincare products that are clinically tested and scientifically proven. Scheduling appointments is seamless, thanks to their efficient staff and management system. After spa treatments, clients may take herbal tea or water as a healthy refreshment.

Location: Rhapta Road Ibis Styles Hotel Westlands

Working Hours: 11 am to 8 pm Daily. Closed on Mondays

Google Rating: 4.6 stars, (123 Reviews)

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Nairobi has many spas and parlors to choose from, and many of them have great reviews. This list contains a few of them to kick off your search.

Popular Massage Spas And Parlors In Nairobi - Hauzisha (2024)
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