NYT Crossword May 19 2024 Answers (5/19/24) - Try Hard Guides (2024)

We have all of the answers to the NYT Crossword puzzle for May 19 2024 to help you finish it up!

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Our NYT Crossword May 19, 2024 answers guide should help you finish today’s crossword if you’ve found yourself stuck on a crossword clue. The NYT Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It’s one of the most popular crosswords in the world, known for its challenging clues and clever wordplay. The puzzle is published in the print edition of The New York Times and is also available online.

NYT Crossword May 19, 2024 Answers

If you need help solving the NYT Crossword on 5/19/24, we’ve listed all of the crossword clues below so you can find the answer(s) you need. You can search for the clue and then select the appropriate clue to get the answer. We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!

Looking for answers to another NYT Crossword puzzle? Check out our archive of NYT Crossword Answers. Our NYT Crossword Hints for May 19, 2024 are also available if you prefer not to be immediately spoiled.

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# Clue
1A End of the line?
5A Agnus ___ (motif in Christian iconography)
8A French companions
12A Hubris
17A Lead-in to marine or marathon
19A The house, to a blackjack player
21A 1993 Beck single
22A Break up the band, say
24A Charades, but not chess
25A Certain wedding role
26A "If that missing house title ever does show up …"
29A Grunting ox, by another name
30A Poetic preposition
31A Show with the Church Lady and Target Lady, for short
32A Bill in a till
33A Change for a 32-Across, perhaps
37A Having a studious appearance
40A Treats that Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith picked as runner-up to Doritos for "best snack in America"
42A Tiniest amount
43A Question from someone with a lot of outstanding debt?
48A "No promises ..."
50A Biblical king of Judea
51A Spice Girl Halliwell
52A Oversight
55A Over which announcements about pep rallies might be heard, for short
56A One of many in the Colosseum
57A Teacher's instruction in a class on pointillism?
61A Grass
62A "Bye Bye Birdie" actress ___-Margret
63A Salt-N-Pepa hit with the refrain "___, ___ ba-doop"
64A Weaknesses
65A How one might punnily define "Saran" or "sari"?
70A Cheeky
72A Follows a recipe direction
74A Actress McDonald
76A Underwater steerer
77A DHL competitor
80A Stevedore's complaint?
85A Champagne specification
86A Whitman of TV's "Parenthood"
87A Chocolate mint brand
88A Paper pack
89A Like a redhead's temperament, it's said
90A South ___, river through Denver
92A "No need to find a professional illustrator!"
96A Name that means "night" in Arabic and "purple" in German
97A Change form
100A Utensil drawer compartment
101A What "Eat" stands for in the mnemonic "Never Eat Soggy Waffles"
102A Post-op locale
103A NASA shorthand for a spacewalk
106A Gym rat's focus
107A ___-weekly
110A Tour guide's remark at the challah factory?
116A Out the ___
119A "Hmm, hard to say …"
120A Fictional dog with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
121A Cry of delight
122A Supporter of the arts?
123A Lazy river conveyances
124A Question of ownership
125A Checked the license of, informally
126A Farm home
127A Spreadsheet button
1D 1991 crime drama starring Warren Beatty and Annette Bening
2D Luau greeting
3D "No worries"
4D Pants, informally
5D Biblical verb
6D Olympic event with masks
7D Giveaways in some common scams of the 2010s
8D "And Still I Rise" writer
9D Drink for which Pliny the Elder recorded a recipe
10D Con
11D Coming from both sides
12D Sum thing
13D Fragrant additive to beauty products
14D It's like "-like"
15D Kaitlin Olson's role on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
16D Do wrong
18D Kosher
20D Sign
23D Wide receiver ___ Beckham Jr.
27D Certain arm muscles, in brief
28D Not accept a refusal
34D Caption for an absent student, say
35D Morgan Stanley subsidiary
36D Official OKs
37D "Then again ...," in text messages
38D Video game company that published Frogger
39D Goes in a hurry
41D Trust in
43D Give a sharp hit
44D Widely admired person
45D Prey of polar bears
46D ___ Lanka
47D "You have a face for radio," for one
49D Cause to rise
53D Fusses
54D Perform very well, in modern slang
57D Makeup of a tiny twisting ladder
58D "Keep going!"
59D Tuna type
60D Do wrong
62D Nincompoop, more vulgarly
66D Matcha, e.g.
67D Like cutting the line
68D Makes sense
69D For
71D Where a golf ball sits
72D Golf ball indentation
73D Home to Firenze
75D About 40% of a hectare
78D Knitting stitch
79D Small, painful bump
81D Lack of energy
82D What context is, in a saying
83D Country that becomes a language if you remove its last letter
84D "My turn"
85D Info in an "About Us" section
89D Frosting alternative
91D They might cover your back
93D Stored for the night, as a bus
94D One of the Starks on "Game of Thrones"
95D Hatches, e.g.
98D Masters of underwater camouflage
99D Sent express
104D "Parlez-___ français?"
105D Some godmothers
107D National dish of the Philippines
108D Member of an isolated colony, once
109D Meeting for two
111D A "waking dream," per Aristotle
112D Senate staffer
113D Little annoyance
114D Sacred
115D Promises to pay
116D URL starter
117D Gratified groan
118D Metaphor for a house with young children, perhaps

We also recommend trying your hand at the NYT Mini Crossword, which is definitely easier (on all days!) as it is a 5×5, compared to the full-sized crossword (which is 15×15, and the Sunday edition is 21×21!). New crosswords are released at 10PM ET on weekdays and 6PM ET on weekends.

The New York Times crossword was first published in The New York Times in 1942 and has been a daily feature ever since. It is known for its high level of difficulty and for its clever, often playful, clues and themes. The puzzles range in size from 15x15 grids on weekdays to larger 21x21 grids on Sundays, with varying levels of difficulty.

NYT Crossword May 19 2024 Answers (5/19/24) - Try Hard Guides (1)

The New York Times crossword is created by a team of skilled puzzle constructors and editors, who work to ensure that each puzzle is both entertaining and challenging for solvers. The puzzles are often themed, with clues and answers related to a particular subject or concept, and they frequently feature wordplay and puns.

NYT Crossword May 19 2024 Answers (5/19/24) - Try Hard Guides (2)

Solving the New York Times crossword has become a beloved pastime for many, and there are even competitions and clubs devoted to crossword puzzle solving. The New York Times crossword is available in print in the newspaper and online, and it has a dedicated following of loyal solvers who eagerly await each day's puzzle.

If you’re still struggling to solve your NYT crosswords, consider practicing with the Eugene Sheffer and Thomas Joseph dailies first. If you’re looking for similarly challenging crosswords, we recommend the WSJ Crossword and LA Times Crossword.

NYT Crossword May 19 2024 Answers (5/19/24) - Try Hard Guides (2024)


Which day of the week is the nyt crossword the hardest? ›

The Saturday crossword is the hardest of the week. Contrary to popular belief, Sunday puzzles have the difficulty level of a midweek crossword. They're just bigger. Pick out the clues that are meant to be the easiest and tackle them first.

What is the hardest day of the week crossword? ›

The crosswords are designed to increase in difficulty throughout the week, with the easiest on Monday and the most difficult on Saturday. The larger Sunday crossword, which appears in The New York Times Magazine, is an icon in American culture; it is typically intended to be as difficult as a Thursday puzzle.

How do I access the Old NY Times crossword? ›

How to Play a Puzzle From the Archive
  1. Navigate to the Archive tab at the bottom of the Games app homepage.
  2. Select either The Crossword or The Mini.
  3. Select the month and year you would like to see puzzles from.
  4. Select the puzzle you would like to play. This will download the puzzle. ...
  5. Select the puzzle again to begin play.

Does "nyt" crossword? ›

Weekday and Saturday puzzles are available at 10 p.m. EST the previous day. Sunday puzzles are available at 6 p.m. EST on Saturday.

What is the easiest day of the week ny Times crossword? ›

In case you didn't know, the daily New York Times Crossword has a difficulty curve as the week goes on. Monday is the easiest puzzle, and then Tuesday is a little harder, climbing up to Saturday, which is the hardest day of the week.

Are Wednesday crosswords hard? ›

It's not a science. It's an art. If you do the puzzle on a daily basis through the week, the Wednesday may not always be harder than Tuesday, Thursday may not always be harder than Wednesday. But if you do the puzzle long enough, the trend shows that it does get harder as the week goes on.”

Do nyt crosswords get harder as the week goes on? ›

The Monday New York Times Crosswords are the easiest, and the puzzles get harder as the week goes on. Solve as many of the Mondays as you can before pushing yourself to Tuesday puzzles. You can thank us later.

Is Saturday or Sunday crossword harder? ›

Sunday puzzles are special and are about twice as large as a typical daily puzzle and aimed at a mid-week level. The practice dates back to the Times first editor, Margaret Farrar. According to Will Shortz, the current puzzle editor, Farrar “made Saturday's crosswords a little harder than those for the other days.

How to get better at crossword? ›

How to Get Better at Crosswords
  1. 1 Tackle fill-in-the-blanks first.
  2. 2 Fill in 3- and 4-letter words you know.
  3. 3 Check the tense and number in the clues.
  4. 4 Look for formatting hints in the clues.
  5. 5 Familiarize yourself with common crossword answers.
  6. 6 Check intersecting words when you guess an answer.

What does rebus mean in NYT crossword? ›

A rebus can be a letter, number or symbol that represents a word, but in many crosswords, the rebus will be a word or group of letters that need to be written inside a single square.

What does eg mean in a crossword? ›

For example – EG (e.g., short for the Latin exempli gratia)

Can you do Old New York Times crosswords? ›

If you paid the subscription, you can play any puzzle at any time as long as it's been released. The archives go back like 20 years.

What is the gold star in the NYT crossword? ›

The NY Times Crossword app or site will not give you a gold star unless you do the puzzle before midnight with no errors and no cheating. At first this doesn't matter very much, but as your streak extends you feel a lot of pressure to get the puzzle right.

What is scoring 100 on the nyt? ›

Scoring 100% on

The answer is acing.

What does the pencil mean in the nyt crossword? ›

The New York Times crossword puzzle is known for its challenging nature, and many people solve it using a pencil so they can easily erase mistakes. However, solving it with a pen suggests a high level of confidence and accuracy in solving the puzzle, as using a pen means that any mistakes made cannot be easily erased.

What is the world record for the New York Times crossword puzzle? ›

Feyer describes himself as “a mild-mannered musician who developed an addiction to crosswords,” and he posts his solving times every day. There is, he says, a friendly competition among top-ranked solvers. For a Monday puzzle in The New York Times, his fastest time by computer was 1 minute, 22 seconds.

What is the hardest crossword in the world? ›

A renowned British crossword maker called Marc Breman created in 2018 what's thought to be the world's hardest cryptic crossword to date. Not only are the clues fiendishly hard, but the crossword itself is rather large, with 64 clues.

What helps detoxify blood nyt? ›

It helps detoxify blood

The answer is liver.

Does the LA Times crossword get harder through the week? ›

One of the most entertaining puzzles around, the Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle offers a broad range of vocabulary and cultural clues, along with a sprinkling of humor and wordplay. In classic puzzle style, this crossword gets more difficult each day.

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