Mattress Firm Caught Selling Used Mattresses (2024)

1. Mattress Firm Buyers Beware - Facebook

  • Review of Mattress Firm Inc. from a customer in. Florida: "DO NOT USE THIS STORE. We have been waiting for our mattress for over a week.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

2. Are Used Mattress Stores or Clearance Mattresses Right For You?

  • 10 aug 2020 · Before we place any mattress in the Mattress Firm clearance section, every clearance mattress undergoes a thorough step-by-step sanitation ...

  • The average person spends about one-third of his/her life in bed. In all likelihood, there is no piece of furniture in your home that you use more than your mattress, making it all the more important to choose one that will keep you sleeping happy for years to come.

3. The Mattress Firm Money Laundering Conspiracy Theory |

4. Mattress Firm Reviews - ConsumerAffairs

  • 4 dagen geleden · Looking to buy a new mattress? Compare customer reviews about Mattress Firm regarding product variety, product quality, prices and more.

  • Looking to buy a new mattress? Compare customer reviews about Mattress Firm regarding product variety, product quality, prices and more.

5. The Great Mattress Conspiracy: Why Are There So Many Mattress Firm ...

  • 21 sep 2018 · Mattresses, as you might suspect, have a huge markup — around 50 percent for most stores, according to Michael Magnuson, who runs

  • Why are there so many Mattress Firm stores? How did they end up catty-corner across intersections and in the same shopping centers? Are the mattresses full of money? Reddit users start to dig deeper into these Mattress Firm conspiracy theories, and we team up with Business Insider's "Household Name" to conduct an investigation of our own.

6. Why You Should Shop the Clearance Section - Mattress Firm

  • 13 mei 2024 · Mattress Firm is unable to exchange or refund stained, unsanitary or damaged mattresses under the 120 Night Sleep Trial®. That's why we highly ...

  • If you’ve never checked out our clearance section, you’re missing out! From floor models to discontinued inventory and more, you’ll find great deals on top of our everyday low prices. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice quality—all clearance mattresses are either new or slightly used and undergo a…

7. Refurbished mattresses contain hidden secrets - ABC Action News

  • 26 apr 2018 · The factory owners say only they refurbish the cleanest mattresses and box springs, then re-sell the rest to other used mattress sellers. “The ...

  • Refurbished mattresses make up an estimated 10 percent of mattresses sold. They are an inexpensive alternative to high-priced mattresses, but what is really inside? The I-Team bought one and took it apart to find out. 

8. Mattress Firm Reviews - ConsumerAffairs

  • 11 jun 2024 · ... mattress companies will try to sell used mattresses as new. Mattress Firm was named as a company that used that tactic. So when I decided to ...

  • Looking to buy a new mattress? Compare customer reviews about Mattress Firm regarding product variety, product quality, prices and more. (Page 17)

9. Tempur-Pedic accuses Mattress Firm of conspiring to copy its products

  • 29 aug 2018 · Mattress maker Tempur-Pedic filed a lawsuit against Mattress Firm accusing the retailer of "conspiring" to sell bogus mattresses.

  • Mattress maker Tempur-Pedic filed a lawsuit against Mattress Firm accusing the retailer of "conspiring" to sell bogus mattresses.

Mattress Firm Caught Selling Used Mattresses (2024)


Is it OK to sell a second hand mattress? ›

Yes, you can sell a used mattress — but only if it is in good shape and you follow federal and local regulations around mattress sales. You shouldn't try to sell your bed if it is more than seven years old — it's probably past its lifespan and should be recycled instead.

Why did Mattress Firm go out of business? ›

Mattress Firm currently has about 2,300 stores and recently dealt with its own financial issues, including a 2018 bankruptcy. The retailer struggled with over-expansion and online competitors, including Casper and Amazon.

What do manufacturers do with returned mattresses? ›

Returned mattresses are all either donated or refurbished (Casper do then sell these refurbished mattresses at a cheaper price).

Who bought the Mattress Firm? ›

Tempur Sealy announced its $4 billion acquisition of privately held Mattress Firm in May.

In what states is it illegal to sell used mattresses? ›

For example, in California, it is forbidden to offer mattresses with any visible stains. In New York, individuals are allowed to acquire a second-hand mattress. In Texas, the pre-owned mattress must be sanitized and have a tag to signify that it is pre-owned.

How to disinfect a secondhand mattress? ›

Using a steam cleaner is an excellent way to sanitize your mattress. Buy or rent one that has a steam wand so you can reach the edges and crevices of your mattress. It's best to do this on a nice, sunny day since the sunlight can help dry your mattress quickly after you stream it.

What did Mattress Firm used to be called? ›

Sleepy's was acquired by Mattress Firm in December 2015 and all stores were rebranded under the Mattress Firm name on January 1, 2017, but the website continued as an online retailer until 2018. Mattress Firm now uses the Sleepy's name for their private label mattresses. (Mattress Firm Inc.)

What mattress company is owned by Walmart? ›

Allswell is a bed-in-a-box Walmart brand mattress that offers quality on a budget. Typically if you want a hybrid mattress, you're going to be handing over quite a bit of money, but Allswell has changed that.

How much debt is Mattress Firm in? ›

Mattress Firm earlier this year ditched plans to go public, citing “ongoing volatility” in the IPO market. That meant it still needed to deal with the $1.2 billion in long-term debt and total liabilities of $3.5 billion it was carrying at the time of its IPO filing a little over a year ago.

Do returned mattresses get resold? ›

Some states do not allow the resale of returned mattresses, but those that do require a mattress label that meets federal returned mattress laws. These labels usually must inform the buyer that they are buying a returned mattress. Other companies choose to rebuild and resell the mattress.

Do mattresses have resale value? ›

Good: A mattress in good condition with minimal wear and no visible stains or damages might fetch you 20-50% of its original price. Fair or Below: If the mattress shows signs of wear, has stains, or any damage, pricing it below 20% of the original price or even offering it for free might be the only viable options.

How do you tell if a mattress is new or refurbished? ›

Appearance: Look for inconsistencies in the fabric, stitching, or signs of wear and tear. Odor: A refurbished mattress may have a distinct scent from the cleaning or sanitizing agents used. Documentation: Always check for authentic paperwork. A new mattress will come with original packaging and warranty information.

Which mattress company went bust? ›

Cheryl Calverley was the CEO of Eve Sleep when it went into administration in October. She tells MT what happened, how to lead a failing business and the key to coping with the personal toll of failure.

What company owns Tempur Pedic? ›

Tempur Sealy International is the proud parent company of three distinctive mattress brands: Tempur-Pedic®, Sealy®, and Stearns & Foster®. Each one showcases our tireless dedication to innovation and quality – you could say we know a thing or two about sleep.

Are second-hand mattresses okay? ›

The health risks of using a used mattress

A used old mattress may seem like a budget-friendly option, but it could end up costing you more in the long run. Cheap second-hand mattresses often present with bed bugs, dust mites, and even some stains from bodily fluids (gross!).

Is it okay to use someone else's mattress? ›

Used mattresses come complete with all of the dust mites and biological hazards of the previous owners. It can be extremely difficult to get odors as well as, perspiration, saliva and body oils out of an old mattress.

Is it safe to buy second-hand baby mattress? ›

Generally, we would advise buying a new mattress for each baby. This is because research suggests an increased chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) when using a second-hand mattress from outside of the family home.

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