Kum And Go Gas Prices (2024)

1. Kum & Go - 5343 S Campbell Ave - Springfield, MO - GasBuddy.com

  • Station Prices · $3.11 · $3.41 · $3.66 · $3.49 · $3.01.

  • Kum & Go in Springfield, MO. Carries Regular, Midgrade, Premium, Diesel, E85, UNL88. Has C-Store, Pay At Pump, Restaurant, Restrooms, ATM, Lotto, Beer, Wine. Check current gas prices and read customer reviews. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

2. Kum & Go - 4800 44th St SW - Grandville, MI - GasBuddy.com

  • Station Prices ; $3.29 · Owner. 6 hours from now ; $3.69 · Owner. 6 hours from now ; $4.43 · OutbackMI. 11 hours ago ; $3.49 · Owner. 6 hours from now ; $2.47.

  • Kum & Go in Grandville, MI. Carries Regular, Midgrade, Premium, Diesel, E85, UNL88. Has C-Store, Pay At Pump, Restaurant, Restrooms, Air Pump, ATM, Lotto, Beer, Wine. Check current gas prices and read customer reviews. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars.

3. Kum & Go #0885 - Tulsa, OK - Autoblog

4. Gas Prices | WOI | Local 5 - weareiowa.com

  • Gas Prices in Des Moines, Iowa. ... Gas Prices. Lowest Gas Prices in Des Moines. Price, Station ... Kum & Go 220 50th St West Des Moines May 4,6:48 ...

  • Gas Prices in Des Moines, Iowa

5. Kum & Go Gas Prices At 1010 S 189TH ST, Elkhorn NE - Upside

6. Kum & Go #0185 - Bondurant, IA - Autoblog

  • Kum & Go #0185 ; regular: $3.19 ; midGrade: -$0.01 ; premium: $3.89 ; diesel: $3.39 ...

  • Get ratings and reviews of Kum & Go #0185 in Bondurant IA or leave your own review of this Bondurant gas station.

7. Kum & Go Gas Prices At 2050 SR-38, Tipton IA | GetUpside cash back app

  • Kum & Go. 2050 SR-38. Tipton, IA 52772. 2.90. 2. 5. 5. Regular. –. –. Midgrade. 2.79. 2.69. Premium. 2.90. 2.69. Diesel. Use GetUpside to pay even less than ...

  • GetUpside saves you money on things you need - like gas & groceries - and restaurants you love. Get up to 35% cash back in DC, Maryland, Virginia and Long Island

8. Gas Prices in Grand Rapids | wzzm13.com

  • Gas Prices ; 3.45, Shell 5381 Division Ave S · Wyoming May 14,7:04 AM, 5381 Division Ave S · Wyoming, May 14, 7:04 AM ; 3.46, Family Fare 2260 Gezon Pkwy SW Wyoming

  • Local News and Information for Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas. WZZM13.com is the official website for WZZM-TV, your trusted source for breaking news, weather and sports in Grand Rapids, MI. WZZM13.com

9. Cheapest gas in Springfield, Missouri - OzarksFirst.com

  • Find cheap gas near you. NOTE: Using this map on a mobile device, rotate horizontally for optimal view. Top 10 cheapest gas prices in Springfield ...

  • Find cheap gas near you NOTE: Using this map on a mobile device, rotate horizontally for optimal view. Top 10 cheapest gas prices in Springfield Lowest Gas Prices in Springfield Price tre…

Kum And Go Gas Prices (2024)


What is the new name for Kum and Go? ›

30 Kum & Go stores rebranded as Maveriks in states where both operate.

How to use kum and go fuel rewards? ›

We've made it super easy to convert &Rewards points to Cash & Fuel Discounts. Simply tap on “Perks” on the bottom of your screen and navigate to the &Rewards tab. From there, you'll be able to redeem all or some of your points for &Rewards Cash or &Fuel Discounts.

Why is the gas station called Kum and Go? ›

It was a play on the phrase "come and go" using the initials of founders Krause and Gentle. Sales of Kum & Go-branded merchandise spiked after Johnny Knoxville was seen wearing a black Kum & Go T-shirt with the tagline "We go all out!" during a scene in the 2006 movie Jackass Number Two.

Does Kum and Go have gas cards? ›

The gray &Rewards Debit Card includes all of the great features of the regular &Rewards Card PLUS an everyday fuel discount of 5¢ per gallon (or 10¢ per gallon on premium) when you use it to pay for your purchase at Kum & Go.

Who bought Kum and Go gas stations? ›

A popular Iowa convenience store chain has officially been sold. Kum & Go was purchased from the Krause Group by Maverik, a Salt Lake City-based company, on Tuesday, completing an acquisition that has been in the works for months.

What company owns Kum and Go? ›

Maverik now owns Kum & Go. The Salt Lake City-based convenience-store chain has completed its acquisition of Kum & Go and Solar Transport from Krause Group, Maverik said Aug. 29.

Is Kum and Go Rewards worth it? ›

With the &Rewards loyalty program, you gain exclusive access to members-only deals on food, drinks, and more. There are valuable and money-saving opportunities with every visit, so don't delay in joining today!

How do I redeem my fuel points at the pump? ›

Follow the prompts at the pump and select “Fuel Rewards®.” Enter your Alt ID or swipe a Fuel Rewards® card. Select YES to redeem all rewards or NO to only redeem savings from Gold or Silver Status. Swipe your credit or debit card to complete your transaction.

What is Fuel Rewards card? ›

A free loyalty program that rewards members with cents-per-gallon savings at Shell. How does the Fuel Rewards® program help me save money on fuel? As a Fuel Rewards® member, you'll save 10¢/gal on every fill-up with Platinum Status, 5¢/gal with Gold Status, or 3¢/gal with Silver Status.

Who is CEO of Kum Go? ›

How much did Kum & Go sell for? ›

As part of the estimated $2-billion transaction, Maverik agreed to keep Kum & Go's 5,000 associates, but the future of the brand was still uncertain. Since the purchase, all Kum & Go stores were rebranded to Maverik in Utah and the Intermountain West region.

How much is Kum and Go worth? ›

Kum & Go officially sells

Catch up fast: Kum & Go, which opened almost 65 years ago, has locations in 13 states and employs roughly 5,000 people. The amount of the deal was not disclosed but was valued at as much as $2 billion in February, Reuters reported.

Do I need a gas card? ›

A gas credit card can save you some money on your gasoline purchases, and it may be easier to be approved for than a regular rewards card. However, a regular rewards card is usually an all-around better deal if you qualify for one.

Does Kum & Go have ethanol in their gas? ›

There are 198 Kum & Go locations that offer E15, and customers can locate the store nearest them online or on the Kum & Go App and find the blue E15 handle when fueling up at the store. E15 is a higher octane, cleaner burning, more affordable choice at the pump comprised of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline.

Do gas cards still exist? ›

There are two major types of gas credit cards — one gives a discount on gas purchases (usually at a specific brand of gas station), and the other gives rewards on fuel purchases. While there are many different choices for gas credit cards, the best gas credit card will earn at least 2% back on your gas purchases.

Did Kum and Go get bought out? ›

Maverik today finalized its purchase of long-time Iowa company Kum & Go, an acquisition that makes the Utah-based group the 12th-largest convenience store chain in the U.S.

What companies does FJ Management own? ›

Our companies include both majority and minority ownership.
  • Maverik. Maverik - Adventure's First Stop is a best-in-class convenience store brand that fuels adventures from the Midwest to the West Coast.
  • Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites. ...
  • Big West Oil. ...
  • WellQuest.

How many Kum & Go's are there in the United States? ›

K&G is a family-owned convenience store chain with approximately 400 locations across 11 Midwestern states.

Where did Kum and Go convenience store come from? ›

In 1959, W.A. Krause and T.S. Gentle planted the seed for what Kum & Go would become with a single, full-service gas station in Hampton, Iowa. They had a vision to offer more than just fuel; they wanted to fuel lives with moments of joy and connection.

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