ALA Applied Technologies school opening in Mesa in August - Daily Independent (2024)

Your Name: Jeremy Klomp

Age: 48

Business Name: American Leadership Academy Applied Technologies, 7729 E. Pecos Road.

Town/Neighborhood: Mesa

Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Personal background highlights: I grew up in Nevada, attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and have moved all around the world with my family.

Professional background highlights: I’m a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel with expertise in space systems and international relations.

What I do: I’m the director (principal) of ALA’s newest school, ALA Applied Technologies, where we are building a new concept in education for Arizona families. We offer 20 top notch programs across 10 high demand industries for students to choose from. From culinary arts and cosmetology to aviation mechanics and network security, we’ve got a wide variety of in-demand options to choose from.

What I like most about doing business here: I love that we are providing options and opportunities for students and that they don’t have to change campuses to participate in industry certification training programs.

Changes I’d like to see in this area: I would love to see more schools do what we are doing, and open up the funding lines to allow more students and schools to participate.

What am I promoting: American Leadership Academy Applied Technologies is a terrific opportunity for students to get their high school diploma while receiving relevant technical training. Your students can get college and career ready at the same time in the same place.

What I’m excited about and why: I’m so excited to offer students the opportunity to earn relevant industry certifications in high-demand areas at a tuition-free public charter school. It is a huge savings to families, and sets students up for life success at an early age. We help students and families develop a life plan, a career path and give them tools to reach those goals. Graduation is such an important goal, and the day after graduation is just as important. We help students know what their options are, set some goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Favorite community cause and why: Right now I have several friends in Poland helping with Ukrainian refugees, and I’m helping support them. We have Ukrainian friends, and this emergency over there is personal for us.

When and why I started my business/employment here: I joined American Leadership Academy almost four years ago. After I retired from the Air Force, I wanted to have a meaningful career where I could make a difference with children, both mine and others. ALA provided a terrific way to guide students in developing real life skills that would help them be successful in whatever path they chose, and be productive citizens and good members of society. I’m so happy I found ALA, both for me and for my kids.

Where I was before and why I left: I retired from the U.S. Air Force after a great career in space operations and international relations. We lived in China and Taiwan, worked in the Pentagon, and my last position was Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps commander at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. We loved every minute of our service, and are so happy this opportunity came along to continue serving students.

My family: I’m very happily married with five children.

My interests & hobbies: Anything outdoors. We love hiking and biking, and spend a lot of time in our orchard and gardens.

People who inspire me (and how): Abraham Lincoln was an amazing leader who guided the country through some pretty tough times. His leadership was and is cutting edge, and made a difference then and now. George Washington is the same. I am so grateful that our Founding Fathers were in the right place at the right time to solidify and enumerate the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.

My guiding philosophy: I have two: “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome!” Things change, and you have to be flexible and adapt to your circ*mstances. Secondly, “Nothing worth having comes without effort.” If you want something, you have to be willing to work for it.

My advice to today’s youth: You can do it! What do you want to do with your life? Make a plan, set some goals, then get to work and make it happen. We can help you with that. Come join us at ALA Applied Technologies.


ALA Applied Technologies school opening in Mesa in August - Daily Independent (2024)
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