Coaches Meeting - Sat Oct 7th

Coaching Update Session with Graham Malcolm for all East Berks coaches i.e. U6 - U11s

We have asked and Graham Malcolm has kindly agreed to to run an East Berks coaches (U6 - U11s) update session on Saturday, 7th October at Pinewood Leisure Centre from 2-5 p.m.. 

After last year's successful discussion forums that Graham ran during Managers' meetings, the Committee and Graham believe that there is much to be gained for all coaches in the mini soccer age groups (U6 - U11s) to be being given a refresher on the caoching modules and training in general, early on in the new season. The content of the session run by Graham will be:

1/ fresh ideas for all the coaches.
2/ how to progress training sessions.
3/ how to regress training sessions.
4/ help with how to deliver.
5/ give structure to training sessions.
6/ Q&A session on how to deliver specific sessions that coaches would like or perhaps more ideas on how to deliver.
7/ football matches - small sided games. How to get more out of your match at the end of the session, by setting conditions.

 Please attend and make sure your coaches attend this session - it is vital that the session is well attended if it is to be of value. Obviously come prepared depending upon the weather and expect to be undertaking practicial work i.e. football boots etc.

Mike Richards